First post.

So, how’s life after leaving the company I spent 90% of my 3 years with?

One word – Irreplaceable

I put in effort to make a name for myself, put in effort to be kind and genuine to everyone in the family and honestly some people can be such a pain some times. I put in effort to make bonds and grow friendships out of colleagueships. And I think I did make some good ones out of it.

My ex company is a very trusting one for me. Perhaps because I’m a senior staff or I have owned up to all my mistakes to my lady boss. Due to this, I have maximum flexibility at work as long as I come to work. Hahha. Which is the main reason I chose to leave. “Too much of anything can kill you”, this phrase can’t be more real for my life now. Flexibility at work resulted in a complacent me, I was so comfortable at work that I started complaining and whining on everyone and everything else for my slow growth and hindered career goals. When the real problem was with myself. I chose to keep myself complacent at work, doing just above enough work since I am known to be good at what I was doing already, a little effort = maximum output and recognition. There was no DRIVE for me to do more than I am, or to challenge and improve myself which I should have back when I was still with this company.

But I was wrong again.

The only drive I can be getting is from myself, not my company or friends. They can give me reasons to work hard for example working hard to earn enough for the family, that is a reason. But drive comes from within after you found your reason. I knew my only way out of my dirt shit life back then was to leave the company. Don’t get me wrong, I love the company to spend 90% of my time last 3 years involving them. But there were external reasons that contributed to my dirt shitty life and leaving the company for a new start is the quickest way I could think of that time. Never regretted since.

Back to why “Irreplaceable”. Since my brain started forming memories, I have been living my life with few regrets. I tell myself to look forward even if the days in the past were more comfortable. As long as there is an improvement or a reason for my progress, I stay forward. Life is never easy when you’re trying to make a stand, while after you succeed in standing, life gets easy and you look for higher stand before you start drowning. My new company is awesome. I have a really caring manager who does 24 hours’ work in a 12 hour squeeze. But never forgets to check on me if I am doing ok with the new team. I found mates with good chemistry I can talk to, though most of them are ladies and sometimes can be difficult to join their conversations, but nonetheless, they are awesome people.

My old company made me who I am today. Little or much, good or bad, everyone contributed to my growth at work and as a person. I will bring forth the person you grown to this new company, and the growth never stops.

P.S pardon my writing, I have gotten critics that I have bad English, but since this is a personal blog please be merciful. Thank you with love <3.

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