Ex manager’s birthday

Yesterday was my ex manager’s birthday celebration. Backwards 3 years ago, when I was confirmed a role in my previous company, she was the one who went through my employment letter and company’s policies with me. It was a Friday and coincidentally a dress-down day of the week. She looked good that day and I was sold.

As time passed we maintained a good manager-subordinate relationship.

To be clear, today is her actual birthday, in other words she spent her first moment of her birthday with us when the clock strike 12 when she could have spent it with her hubby or her many available friends. To be honest I was quite unpleased with people who attended yesterday. I would have called it off myself if I was the VIP.

My personal thoughts (though this entire blog is based on my perspective but idc):

  1. Birthday girl should not be planning her own birthday itinerary if we asked her out to celebrate with her
  2. If she gave her time for us on the night before her birthday, she is expecting to stay out after 12
  3. If she went home to change out to comfortable wear before meeting us, she is expecting to stay out after 12

Hence overall I was pretty much turned off by most people last night. Nevertheless some stayed while me and 2 others went all out with her till 5am at our usual hangout. Seriously I am damn broke but I just wanted her to have fun.

I woke up 2pm today with at least 3 unrelated dreams I had in one sleep. 6 to 8 months ago when I was at my “prime”, I would go home at 6am after drinking and wake up by 10am. It was damn unhealthy but I was so used to that lifestyle and I can’t seem to sleep that little anymore.

I met a pretty soul yesterday, and we will be working together for the next few months. Under a field that’s unfamiliar to me, I pray I don’t screw up hahaha. I guess meeting her somewhat brightened up my day and I haven’t been this cheerful since wakeboarding.

I’m not hopeful. I’m just glad we met. And drew me away from where I should never have landed on.

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